H2O yea..

In today’s society, we are quick to grab a soda, they are everywhere. They are at fast food chains, gas stations, even in your favorite casual dining location. The sad thing is that we all overlook water as a drink option. Now, I know, some of you will tell me that you drink water every day and whenever you go out and that’s wonderful, but this is for the rest of us that can’t help our need to have some of that low quality carbonation.

So here are a few things about water that will hopefully make you think twice about making a wrong choice in the refreshment department:

– Drinking water at the right times can help metabolism.
– A cup of water before every meal helps fill in some of that space in your
stomach and will actually help you eat less.
– Water cushions the joints and fills up the muscles.
– Water helps alleviate headaches.
– 16 oz. of water right before bed will boost metabolism.
– Lack of water can sometimes be misinterpreted as hunger.
– Water is an antioxidant and is the ultimate solvent.
– Water helps transport plasma in our blood. The plasma helps regulate body pH.
– Consuming at least five glasses of water per day has been found to reduce
colon cancer by 45%, bladder cancer by 50%, and breast cancer by 79%.

These are just a small fraction of the amazing benefits of drinking water. The goal for your water intake varies with each person based on weight, exercise, and even geographic location. The go-to formula for me is my body weight divided in half, that is how many ounces of water we should intake per day.

So, make a plan, stay focused and drink your water. It’s a win/win situation.



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